Monday, October 25, 2010


So i've seen various posts on facebook, twitter, etc. in regards to happiness is what you make it and happiness is just being happy with what you have. These principles are good in teaching children and even adults to appreciate the possessions that they do have instead of focusing on what they lack. The only problem I have with it is that it appears that by teaching people these principles encourages complacency and settling. Is complacency something our society should encourage? Also, I think a lot of people learn this idea of being happy with what you have from church and their parents in order to encourage positive attitudes. I fully respect religion and listening to your parents but I believe that many people simply take this principle and allow themselves to settle for less than what they deserve. I think competition and striving for the best and NOT being happy and NOT being complacent with your environment is a good thing. My parents taught me to strive for the best, to be the best, and I firmly believe in pushing myself and not being happy with my situation drives me. Furthermore, our American culture stresses the importance of investing in your human capital by valuing education, work experience, etc. By being okay with your circumstances, you are doing yourself a disservice. Why do the majority of people go to school? Because their parents were uneducated and want to provide themselves with an opportunity to better their future and enhance the future of possible offspring. To conclude this post, I think it is important to not live by the principle of happiness is being happy with what you have. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe not, but I know I won't ever subscribe to that philosophy. Share your thoughts.

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