Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm starting to realize I don't like very many of them. There are some who I still like, but they are limited and are exceptional human beings. I think the reason I have this case of misanthropy is that the nature of people is cruel, mean, and not intelligent. For example, so many people live on such a high horse, I can only imagine how amazing they are because their amazing-ness is just beyond measure. Their hair is too perfect, they're too smart, they know all the "good" or "real" music, or whatever the case may be, there exists many people who are so narcissistic that it seems as though they've forgotten they're still human. That bothers me. And instead of helping us average folk become more amazing like themselves, they choose to criticize others and just remind us common-folk at how un-amazing we are. I believe if you have a talent, you should share it and pass it to the next person, otherwise what purpose does it serve if nobody else can benefit from it? I hope one day I become as amazing as they are. For now that's all, I've just noticed a lot of this going on lately in my little social networking universe and I felt the need to address it, just so I don't go postal at how certain people drive me crazy. Oh and if you're reading this and you happen to be one of those amazing people who are just so bomb, let me in on some of your secrets, so that way I can be a little bit closer to becoming as awesome as you. Haha, goodnight.

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